1001 Main Street
Essexville, Michigan 48732
Weekend Services
Sundays at 10:00 am

About EBCC

The EBCC History

Essexville Baptist Community Church was organized in 1901. The people of Essexville wanted a house of worship nearer to their homes. The first pastor of EBCC was Rev. William Fletcher. Another to serve as pastor was Rev. Douglas, whose style of preaching attracted many people of different denominations. Rev. Harry Harfst's ministry lasted 22 years (1954-1976) and he was instrumental in building up a strong congregation and implementing the building of a new church structure. He was also very active in the Essexville community.

Rev. Dennis Metzger's ministry lasted for 14 years (1976-1990). He was a young, fresh new pastor with a great vision for the church. He was a very approachable and fun minister  whose sermons touched the lives of all who heard him. His wife was very involved with the children's music ministry and during their time of ministry at our church helped raise up great musical talent.

Rev. Edward Pedly's ministry began in 1990 and continued until 2000. He was very strong in visitation and saw the good in people. He was a comforter and he encouraged people.

Rev. Ted Marrinan was Pastor at EBCC from 2002-2006.  In that time, he made a great connection with a number of people in the congregation.  He was also musically gifted and enjoyed sharing his talents on the guitar.  He introduced the new projector screen and PowerPoint presentations into his sermons.  This was a great modern addition to the Sanctuary


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